Monte Versa is the name of a hill, which is unique in terms of topographic position and soil types, in the heart of the Euganean Hills, near the Venice Lagoon, where vines growing on volcanic rock produce their fruit.


Although we have just started our journey, we can say that believing in Monte Versa was not a suggestion but rather a vision, a gift to be protected every day and exalted at every harvest.


Monte Versa: a magical and unique place in the panorama of the Euganean Hills. A territory that shows its enormous talent and which we want to promote and express.


We see such quality and uniqueness in Monte Versa, our volcano, that we decided to include its name in every wine, so that we do not forget that the grape varieties can be the same but thankfully, this is never true of the soil. 


When the grapes are fully ripe, they are picked and selected by hand and placed in crates. In order to get the most out of a great talent you need work, sacrifice, determination, and dedication.


So our ideas have remained unchanged since the beginning: both the vines and winery are managed according to the principles of organic production, admiration of the fruit and our soil, and respect of the vintage.
Meticulous and careful work takes place in the wine cellar. Our efforts and our dedication are intended to unleash and exalt the expressive potential of the base grapes.


Ancient eruptions of igneous magma gave rise to these hills, which are very characteristic of the area. These volcanic formations that emerged from the sea are incredibly rich in minerals (trachytes, rhyolites, laccoliths). The most common types of rock found on Monte Versa are the so-called “Biancone” and “Scaglia Rossa”.


The clay-rich calcareous nature of the land, due to the surface sedimentation of coral reefs, combined with the mild winter months, thanks to its proximity to the Adriatic Sea, makes the area naturally suited to the growing of vines.
In order to safeguard this uniqueness, the area was declared a natural park in 1989.